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Cory Daniel is CEO and Founder of Sterling Electric Inc.

I’ve been in the Electrical industry for almost 20 years now. I’ve worked in almost every area of the Electrical field, from Residential new construction and Service work including Custom Homes in the Multi Million dollar range to the average multi family dwelling units in today’s apartment and condo communities. I’ve worked in Commercial Electrical atmospheres including new construction and service Retail shopping centers, warehouses, Malls, restaurants, storage facilities, multi level offices, schools and hospitals. I’ve also worked in many areas of the industrial electrical construction and service fields, from conveyer systems to food processing and packaging systems to automotive plants and agricultural areas of the electrical field. I’ve worked with home automation, Solar power programmable logic controllers and even fire alarms, security systems and surveillance equipment. I can promise you will not find a more versed electrician in the area.

I have worked all over the state of Florida a d have many business references that wouldn’t hesitate to tell you they wouldn’t trust any other Electrician to work on their projects because we have developed a relationship built on trust that I will deliver the service they asked for without delay or excuses. I find most electrical contractors see an opportunity to make money and quite often over extend themselves and take jobs that they have no ability to staff, hoping all the while that enough of their electricians who are not qualified electricians to begin with will finish a job in time to start another job the company has already committed to under contract. That’s where I always fit in. The companies i worked for would send me in with my crew on jobs that were severely behind schedule and ready to have the contractors throw our company off the job. I was known ad the Fireman. I would go in with my small handpicked crew and work sometimes 2 or 3 days straight day and night to get a job to pass an inspection and then remain working over 100-120 hrs a week getting the job back on track to pacify the general contractor.

I can promise you this never worked out in my favor and other than a large check with huge amounts of taxes deducted, time lost with my wife and children and a sore body I had nothing to show for it. This is when I decided to put this dedication in to my own business and develop a business strategy where we didn’t overbook ourselves and only take work we can schedule without causing nightmares for all parties involved. If you decide to have Sterling Electric Inc as your Electrical Contractor you will not be disappointed and you will receive a quality of work second to none. This is a guarantee you can take to the bank. We are a Christian based company standing on true Christian beliefs and I say that proudly not to boast or use it as a selling point where other businesses may leave their customers believing that all Christian’s are hipocrits but as a fact that I will deliver on what’s agreed in our contractual terms to the letter.

Sterling Electric Inc. is relatively new to the business market but we are very familiar with the electrical trade. The reason we started this business is because we have seen the unqualified people working for our local electrical contractors and have seen the inferior quality and craftsmanship that is buried in the attics and ceilings of local businesses and homes just waiting to become a potentially severe problem.

I was always called The Fireman or Mr. Fixit because I always got sent to these jobs for a few weeks to try to straighten them out of a mess they had been creating for months and get the jobs through inspection to finish. I will not do business like that. You do something right or don’t do it at all, in all endeavors in life. Electricity is dangerous and when installed improperly poses a huge fire risk. There are no room for shortcuts or unskilled workers in this industry. 

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